My name is Jessica Titchenal, and I’m a Certified Nutrition Specialist practitioner, functional nutritionist, and doctoral student. I specialize in nutrition and wellness support for cognitive health, and families with children who have special needs and chronic health conditions. Whether your child has autism, ADHD, SPD, a mood or behavior disorder, issues with food, trauma, or an impaired immune system, there are simple, sustainable changes you can make starting in your kitchen. Together we create a personalized nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle plan that encompasses every member of the family to nourish their best health.

As a functional nutritionist, I focus on evidence-based nutrition and wellness strategies that include specialized diets (not fads!), professional-grade supplements, and lifestyle changes that address the symptoms and behaviors of special needs children. We focus on support for the entire family, with an emphasis on self-care.

I live in Spokane, Washington, with my husband, five children, dogs, and chickens. When time allows, I love to test new gluten-free recipes, cultivate my herb and flower garden, play with my kids and sheepadoodles, or curl up with a great book. 

I'd love to know how can I help you. Please reach out, and don't forget to connect with me on Facebook.